Natural Inspirations

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Natural Inspirations, Kelly Thorn Dulka

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Curator Interview with Kelly Thorn Dulka




Gallery Gate VIdeo




Gold Leaf Process with Kelly Thorn Dulka




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Fish and Flower, Boerner Gardens

At the Gardens

At Dragon's Gate

Big Blue, Boerner Gardens

The Jewel and the Red Square

Octopus 8

The Awakening

The Bark

Tiberias and the Passion Flower

Octopus 8: Life!

Within, Antelope Canyon #5

God's Eye in the Red Square, Antelope Canyon #3

Ruah, Antelope Canyon #7

Colorwave, Antelope Canyon #4

Needle's Eye, Antelope Canyon #6



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Dulka Artist Statement

Valerie J. Christell, Director/Curator -