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Past Exhibitions

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“Ecotherapy:  A Challenge”

September/October, 2020
Extended to November 13

Walter Williams Wedge

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“Unexpected Connections” is a new, online exhibition series that reviews past solo exhibits in a new light by merging two or three artists’ works in this alternative space.  This particular series is in search of unexpected connections between diverse artworks’ following distinct inspirations.  With it, we look to offer a broader look at the world by how it’s interpreted through visual art­­. 


“Unexpected Connections:  Dara Larson and Catherine Lottes”

July/August, 2020

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“Unexpected Connections:  Robin Jebavy and Peggy Thurston Farrell”

May/June, 2020


The images in both of these artworks create a sense of energy through repeated, pointed shapes spinning away from center.  In Jebavy’s piece, bright glassware forms point outward over luminous pieces of a still-life environment, inspired by stained-glass windows and other cathedral ornamentation.  In Thurston Farrell’s piece, hands and arrows connected to a central QR code aim at floating symbols from spiritual cultures, inspired by her Asian travels. 

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