Unexpected Connections: Lamers / Roberts

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“Unexpected Connections” is an online exhibition series that reviews Alfons Gallery’s past solo exhibits in a new light by merging two artists’ work in this alternative space. This particular series is in search of unexpected connections between diverse artworks following distinct inspirations and artistic intents.

With this series, we aim to encourage open minds as we search for aspects that connect rather than divide. We offer these art analyses as starting points for honing a valuable ability that we can apply to our daily social interactions.

As this series continues, the comparisons being offered are pushing the boundaries of the unexpected, as presented in this series connecting artwork by Nancy Lamers and Janet Roberts.

Unexpected Connections: Nancy Lamers and Janet Roberts

November – January, 2021

Girls' Swim Team/Three Evils

Point of Departure/Challenge

Dreams on Hold/Dorothy and the Dogs

City Slickers/Captains of Industry/Two Pairs

George's Girls/Beatrice and the Mannequins

The Ladies of Zenith Take a Cruise/Trios Throughout Time


Artist Statements from Exhibits

Janet Roberts

“Illuminating the Past” is a most appropriate title for this show, as I draw inspiration and subject matter for my paintings from old black-and-white photographs, vintage fabric and wallpaper, and other found objects from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

That particular time period intrigues me on a visual AND emotional level and using the vintage fabrics and papers as backgrounds for the painted figures seems to create a narrative that for me is much like writing a visual short story. Sometimes the “story” is simple and easily deciphered, but in some pieces I want the viewer to dig a little deeper and make the experience one of bringing in to play his own memories, characters, and plot.

Nancy Lamers

My art equals the search for who I am and what I care about. These works are figurative, reflective, and analytical as related to history and culture. They are conceptual, intellectual, and concerned with where I fit into the world and into the history of image making. I connect contemporary and art historical imagery to make conceptual and symbolic connections about life relationships. Juxtapositions both intentionally reveal and conceal meaning. I examine associations made between people, objects, and environments and consider multiple interpretations. Complex messages about gender, power or lack thereof, identity, familial context, and history reside in these works of art.

Much of the content of my paintings is not immediately revealed. The viewer needs to live with a painting for a while, during which time the subtle and complicated connections come out. Some viewers are invited in by color relationships, style of painting, or even “prettiness,” but a deeper layer of meaning lies beneath the surface color and texture. I intend to address gender relationships and how women have been treated and portrayed throughout history.

Flyers from Exhibits 

Paintings by Janet Roberts Flyer

Confronting Cultures

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